Come and pick up one of our picnic baskets and enjoy it wherever and with whomever you like. We’re just a stone’s throw away from the grassy areas near the walls that surround Upper Bergamo.
Enjoy a unique, fun picnic!

It’s very easy! The service is available every day of the year, at lunchtime and in the evening, and must be booked before 11.30 a.m. Home delivery is also available, but only for PicniKing, by contacting us the day before. The basket also contains cloth napkins, table cloth, glasses, cutlery and a beautiful rug to sit on… and you’re ready to go!



1 Sandwich to choose from:

  • Baguette with sausage hamburger, taleggio cheese, caramelized onions
  • Baguette with grilled Branzi cheese, Treviso salad, confit pear, Porto reduction
  • Baguette with pumpkin, amaretto biscuit, goat cheese, mushrooms

1 Dessert to choose from:

  • Panna cotta vanilla flavoured,chestnuts cream
  • White chocolate mousse  with passion fruit

1 Bottle still or sparkling water

€22 per person


  • Egg with cheese fondue and black truffle
  • Black Angus fillet carpaccio with oranges and fennels
  • Small pastry with veal fillet, tuna sauce and Treviso salad
  • Strachitunt cheese ravioli with escarole and caramelized figs
  • Homemade potato gnocchi  with pumpkin cream, blue cheese and black bread crumble
  • Risotto with anchovies and 3 kinds of cabbage
  • Polenta from Bergamo with cheese fondue and mushrooms
  • Pork shank with polenta
  • Deer ribs with eggplants and homemade BBQ sauce


  • Panna cotta vanilla flavoured,chestnuts cream
  • White chocolate mousse  with passion fruit

Bottle of still or sparkling water

Two courses plus dessert €32

Three courses plus dessert €42

PIC – NIC Kids

1 Sandwich with homemade ham, popcorn and white chocolate mousse  €10 per pers